This is the text your blinky will flash in Morse code. Only letters and spaces are allowed here.
Length of a Morse code dot in milliseconds.
You can make a blinky with either a single LED, a group of LEDs that all blink for every eltter, or one with one group of LEDs per letter in your text (so that each group blinks for only a single letter).
This is the number of LEDs to use if you want multiple LEDs all flashing for every letter.
This is the number of LEDs to use for each letter if you want multiple groups of LEDs, one group blinking per letter.
The LEDs in your blinky will be driven from the outputs of 74HCxx logic gates. If you're driving a single LED, that's OK, but if you're driving multiple LEDs (either one group in total, or one group per letter), you'll probably want transistors between the gate outputs and the LEDs! MBaaS uses MMBT3904 NPN transistors for this, but you could substitute an MMBT3904 from a different manufacturer or more or less any small NPN transistor with the same footprint .